Earl Grey Extra Strength Odor Control Deodorant Bar Zero Waste

Earl Grey Extra Strength Odor Control Deodorant Bar Zero Waste

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Go natural without anyone noticing... with this unisex solution to aluminum-free deodorant that actually works! The No Tox Earl Grey Extra Strength Odor Control Deodorant Bar has extra strength while still being paraben-free, vegan, and gentle for your skin. With an enchanting scent of Earl Grey (Bergamot Italian Orange) and an added hint of herb garden, both Men + Women will find the light fragrance enjoyable.

With a light swipe or two under each arm, you'll smell fresh all day. This concentrated, small, waste-free puck will last much longer than ordinary deodorants. Enzymes help to zap the odor-causing bacteria, and bamboo extract helps absorb excess wetness.

When switching away from traditional deodorants that are aluminum-based antiperspirants, including big brand products and some alternative products like crystal sticks, alum sticks and mineral salt sticks, you may notice a detox effect. This can last for a few days or up to a couple of weeks.

Don't Panic! Detox just means you may be more stinky and sweaty at first while your body is ridding itself of the buildup that has accumulated with antiperspirant use. Antiperspirants block the pores so sweat (and toxins) can’t get out. Your body needs to sweat to remove waste so your pores can breathe easy.

You may want to reapply your new deodorant during the first few weeks until the detoxing is finished. To reapply, first wipe the area dry, then just use one light swipe to refresh your protection. After the detox period, the deodorant should last 8 hours without need to reapply.